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The American Welding Academy seeks to establish a nonprofit training center for Urban Youth and young adults.  Trainees will receive specialized vocational training along with skill-building techniques that are essential towards exploring opportunities in welding and related trades.

The ever-increasing decline in skilled laborers has reached a critical mass as contractors and manufacturers are hard-pressed to find qualified individuals with the capacity to take on certain projects. Therefore, the demand for experienced welders is even greater.

The aim of the American Welding Academy is to deliver high-value vocational training/service capable of preparing Urban Youth and young adults for a lasting career in the trade industry.

Given the success of this program, these individuals will in turn become viable leaders and productive citizens within the community.

About Us

AWA was established to educate urban youth on become Masters of Welding.


Our programs will prepare future welders for a prosperous career.


AWA is a 501(c) nonprofit organization, 100% of donations help us continue our mission.

Board Members

We are currently seeking Board Members that will assist in our outreach and building up of urban youth and veterans. Please click the button below to get more information.